Teasing Tim
Android and iOS mobile game app done in collaboration with a developer. Responsibilities included creating illustrations for the screens and enhancing game storyboard to achieve the most entertaining user experience. Project is currently under construction.
The concept is to tease little squirrel Tim and to steal its acorns which it's striving to eat. The player taps on the acorns before Tim reaches them, and collects the maximum number of acorns in the given time frame. The level of complexity depends on Tim's speed and on the timer. The game ends when Tim gets to eat any of the acorns.
18"x24" POSTER
The aim of the poster is to promote idea of the app.
Illustration Style
Different perspectives of displaying Tim were studied, and the final decision was set on the two-dimensional profile position. The aim was to create a gameplay with simple controls. Therefore, the simplicity in the layout helps the player get the game right quickly and limits the focus to hit the greatest number of acorns as Tim runs to the left or to the right of the screen.
Animated Illustrations
All possible actions of Tim across the levels: sitting, running, and eating the acorn.